Wen-Fong Ke (NCKU)

2009/06/22-Present, Coordinator of Division of Mathematics, NCTS(South)

Planar nearrings, Cryptography, Group theory

Tel: +886-6-2757575 Ext. 65154


Background, current status, and Modes of Operations:

Algera here is understood in a broad sense which includes representation theory, classical and non-classical algebraic structures as well as combinatorics. Research topics includes: representation theory of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional Lie superalgebras, vertex operator algebras, the theory of sporadic groups, rings, nearings and algebraic combinatorics. in addition to the regular seinars, there will be frequent meetings among the researchers in the south and the whole Taiwan. We also plan to organize many activites together with Hsin Chu and Taipei. For instance, in 2008, there are international workshops in Hsinchu (January), Tainan(August ) and Taipei (December). It is also our plan to have many informal meetings and inter-visitations among scholars in Taiwna and overseas.


Research focus of Algebras and its Applications :

  1. Lie algebras, Lie superalgebras and their representations
  2. vertex operator algebras and sporadic groups
  3. models of p-adic representations and their functorial properties
  4. rings and near-rings
  5. albegraic combinatorics