Ngai-Ching Wong (NSYSU)

Functional Analysis, Operator Algebras,Operator Theory

Tel: +886-7-5252000 Ext. 3818



  1. Yuen Fong (NCKU)
  2. Mark C. Ho (NSYSU)
  3. J.-S. Jeang (ROC Military Academy)
  4. N.-C. Wong (NSYSU)
  5. T.-L. Wong (NSYSU)



  1. In the following 5 years (2004--2008), we will focus on the following topics with emphasis on the idea and technique exchange in algebra and analysis.
  2. General theory of operator algebras and operator spaces, K-theory of operator algebras and Elliott's classification program of C*-algebras.
  3. Noncommutative ring theory and its applications to mathematical physics and operator algebras.
  4. A general theory of composition operators, Jordan homomorphisms and Lie homomorphisms on function modules and operator algebras.
  5. Hankel and Toeplitz operators and their spectral theory, and matrix completion problems.