Soon Yi Wu (NCKU)

Optimization, Functional Analysis, Linear Programming

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  1. Chien-Sen Huang (NSYSU)
  2. Zi Cai Li (NSYSU)
  3. Ruey Lin Sheu (NCKU)
  4. Chun Hao Teng (NCKU)
  5. Chern Shuh Wang (NCKU)
  6. Soon Yi Wu (NCKU)
  7. Jen Chin Yao (NSYSU)



We propose to promote scientific computation on optimization and electronmagnetics at the southern branch of National Center for Theoretical Sciences. For the past decade, technological innovation has sparkled evolution in industry, economy, and sciences. People are faced multi-disciplinary problems whose solutions were mainly contributed from mathematical modeling, algorithmic development and efficient numerical computation. Each of the ingredients requires creative ideas followed by mature skills in mathematics and high power computation capability. In particular, we are concerned with mathematical models and their approximate numerical solutions arising from optimization or PDEs. We shall concentrate on the following themes for optimization and computational electronmagnetics.

  1. Optimization
    • Nonlinear analysis
    • Infinite and semi-infinite programming
    • Generalized variational inequality and duality
    • Vector variational inequality and vector optimization
    • Fractional programming
  2. Numerical Methods in Mathematics
    • The hyperbolic PDEs in Maxwell equations and the Euler equations
    • The Navier-Stokes equations with a mixed-hyperbolic-parabolic system
    • The Schrodinger wave equations