Xuding Zhu (NSYSU)

Combinatorics, Computer Science

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  1. Fu-Chuen Chang (NSYSU)
  2. Peng-An Chen (NUK)
  3. Szu-En Cheng (NUK)
  4. Sen-Peng Eu (NUK)
  5. Mei-Hui Guo (NSYSU)
  6. Chin-San Lee (NSYSU)
  7. Mong-Na Lo (NSYSU)
  8. Li-Da Tong (NSYSU)
  9. Hong-Gwa Ye (NCU)
  10. Xuding Zhu (NSYSU)



This proposal concerns the study of the interplay between discrete mathematics and probability. Probabilistic method is a very powerful tool for proving results in discrete mathematics. On the other hand, results and techniques from discrete mathematics are also widely used in probability theory. This project studies problems concern random graphs which are related to probability in nature, and also studies problems in graph theory for which the current approach rely on probabilistic method. We also study problems related to probability theory in which discrete mathematics play important roles. This project will bring together researchers from discrete mathematics and probability theory and provide a platform for them to exchange problems and ideas.