River Chiang (NCKU)

2009/06/22-Present, Coordinator of Division of Mathematics, NCTS(South)

Symplectic geometry, Topology

Tel: +886-6-2757575 Ext. 65126


Introduction :

Geometry is a big branch of study in mathematics. It consists of many important areas and subjects. During the year, we continue our research in algebraic geometry, dynamical systems, symplectic and contact geometry. Reading Seminar on Symplectic Geometry and topology are provided to stimulate environment for discussion among faculty and students.


Research topics in progress (NCTS South) :

Classical and quantum aspects of symplectic geometry: The theories of Donaldson–Thomas invariants and Pandharipande–Thomas stable pair invariants, problems related to isotopy of higher dimensional Lagrangian submanifolds. strong and weak fillability, CR Obata Theorem for Kohn Laplacian, differential estimates for positive (p,p)-forms, CR geometric flows on pseudohermitian (2n+1)-manifolds, type two blow-up behavior of curvatures for closed plane curves.