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2015 COPICA—independent component analysis via copula techniques
Ray-Bing Chen, Meihui Guo, Wolfgang K. Härdle and Shih-Feng Huang
2010 Reconstructing Potentials From Zeros Of One Eigenfunction
Xinfu Chen, Y.H. Cheng, and C.K. Law
2010 Matrix maps over planar near-rings
W.-F. Ke, J. Meyer and G. Wendt
2010 A study of generalized skew-normal distribution
Wen-Jang Huang, Nan-Cheng Su and Arjun K. Gupta
2010 A New Exchange Method for Convex Semi-Infinite Programming
L. P. Zhang, S. Y. Wu and M. A. Lopez
2010 Multi-Coloring the Mycielskian of Graphs
Wensong Lin, Daphne Liu and Xuding Zhu
2010 The Structure of Parafermion Vertex Operator Algebras
C. Dong, C.H. Lam, Q. Wang and H. Yamada
2010 Quantum Codes from Hadamard Matrices
W.-F. Ke, K. F. Lai and R. B. Zhang
2010 New Approach for the Nonlinear Programming with Transient Stability Constraints Arising from Power Systems
X. J. Tong, S. Y. Wu and R. J. Zhou
2010 Optimal Three-Ball Inequalities and Quantitative Uniqueness For The Stokes System
Ching-Lung Lin, Gunther Uhlmann, and Jenn-Nan Wang
2010 A New Iterative Method for Finding Common Solutions of a System of Equilibrium Problems, Fixed-Point Problems, and Variational Inequalities
J. W. Peng, S. Y. Wu, and J. C. Yao
2010 Rotating spiral waves in λ–ω systems on circular domains
Je-Chiang Tsai
2010 Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for A Semilinear Elliptic Equation In Rn+ with Nonlinear Boundary Condition
Tsung-fang Wu
2010 Rainbow domination on trees
G. J. Chang, J. J. Wu, and X. Zhu.
2010 Decomposition of sparse graphs, with application to game coloring number
M. Montassier, A. Pecher, A. Raspaud, D. B. West, and X. Zhu
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