Divison Head

Ching Hung Lam (林正洪)
Duration 2010/04/01~
Affiliation Dept. of Math., NCKU
Tel. +886-6-2757575 ext. 65083-39
Fax +886-6-2373981
E-mail chlam@math.sinica.edu.tw
Office NCTS Building 414
Field Algebra
Degree Ph.D., Ohio State University (1996)

2009/07-Present, Research Fellow, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica

2004-2009/07, Professor, National Cheng Kung University

2001-2004, Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University

2000-2001, Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University


Publication Lists
    1. (with R.L. Griess Jr.) Dihedral groups and Sums of math symbols by mimetex-lattices, accepted(2009)
    2. (with C. Dong, Q. Wang and H. Yamada) The structure of parafermion vertex operator algebras, J. Algebra(2009)
    3. (with C. Dong,and H. Yamada) W-algebras related to parafermion algebras, J. Algebra, 332(2009), 2236-2043.
    4. (with H. Shimakura) Frame Stabilizers for Framed Vertex Operator Algebras Associated to Lattices Having 4-Frames, Int. Math. Res. Notices(2009).
    5. (with S. Sakuma) On a class of vertex operator algebras having a faithful math symbols by mimetex-action, Taiwanese J. Math, 12(2008), no. 9, 2465-2488.
    6. (with R.L. Griess Jr.) Rootless pairs of EE8-lattices, Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences, 15(2008), 52-61.
    7. (with C. Dong,and H. Yamada) W-algebras in lattice vertex operator algebras, in Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics VII, ed. by H.-D. Doebner and V. K. Dobrev, Proc. of the VII International Workshop, Varna, Bulgaria, 2007(2008), no. 35, 25-35.
    8. (with H. Yamauchi) On the structure of framed vertex operator algebras and their pointwise frame stabilizers, Commun. Math. Phys., 277(2008), no. 1, 237-285.
    9. (with H. Shimakura) Ising vectors in the vertex operator algebra math symbols by mimetex associated with the Leech lattice Λ, Intern. Math. Res., 2007(2007).
    10. (with H. Yamada and H. Yamauchi) Vertex operator algebra, extended E8 diagram and McKay’s observation on the Monster simple group, Transactions of American Mathematical Society, 359(2007), no. 9, 4107-4123.
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