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 Financial Support

Limited amount of financial support for accommodation and domestic transportation is available. 

Check here if you wish to apply for financial support for transportation.
Check here if you wish to apply for financial support for accommodation.

Priority is given to those who do not have access to any travel funding. If you are applying for funding, please fill in the name and the contact of your advisor below.


For students, please write down the name and e-mail of your advisor:


  1. 住宿補助
      • Faculty 不補助,博士後和學生的部份,因經費有限,視實際參加人數和經費上的需求而定。
      • 住宿的部份,請先自行安排。若有通過補助申請,請再持收據辦理核銷。
  2. 交通費補助
      • Faculty 不補助。博士後研究員 & 學生以自強號為上限。
      • 因經費有限,補助金額視實際參加人數而定。補助金額預計於8/10(一)公告。
    • 與會期間,請全程自備口罩。未帶口罩者不得入場。