Recent years have seen increasing research interest and activities in placing quantum information in a more rigorous framework of quantum field theory (quantum mechanics upgraded to respect the principles of special relativity) and using quantum information theory to provide new insights to outstanding issue of quantum gravity (such as the black hole information puzzle). At a more practical level in the proposed designs of quantum computing the need of quantum field theory is beginning to be appreciated (e.g., the QED part of Cavity QED). What “R” entails in RQI is perhaps best captured by what a relativist does traditionally: the scope of interest and activities encompasses special and general relativity, geometry and topology (of spacetime and gauge fields), quantum field theory in curved spacetime and quantum gravity (strings, loops and spin-foams). We see this emergent interdisciplinary field has great potential for future development and impacts on theoretical physics. We hope this international workshop would be a platform for joint explorations of this nascent yet virile interdisciplinary field of increasing importance in theoretical physics.


All participants of RQI-N are invited to attend the IARD meeting. Please look up their website for details on payments of registration fee and accommodation:



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