Prof. Daniel Braun (Univ. Tuebingen, Germany)

Title:Quantumness and Entanglement: New approaches

Prof. Ming-Shien Chang (Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica)

Title:Quantum sensing with solid-state spins in diamond

Prof. Jeng-Chung Chen (Dept. of Physics, NTHU)

Title:Quantum simulation of the Mott transition in the Fermi-Hubbard model using gate-controlled semiconductor quantum-dot chains
Prof. Ying-Cheng Chen (Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica)

Title:High-Efficiency Photonic Memory based on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Progress Towards its Quantum Demonstration

Dr. Yi-Hsin Chen (Dept. of Physics, NTHU)

Title:High-efficiency optical frequency converter and its application
Prof. Chung-Hsien Chou (Dept. of Physics, NCKU)

Title:Quantum Thermodynamics from the Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Open Systems
Prof. Kai-Min Chung(Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)

Title:Computational Notions of Quantum Min-Entropy

Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu (Dept. of Physics, NTHU)

Title:Shaping and brightening up single and entangled photons

Prof. Li-Yi Hsu (Dept. of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University)

Title:Exploring multipartite multilevel steering effect
Prof. Watson Kuo (Dept. of Physics, NCHU)

Title:Metamaterials and quantum metamaterials for controlling microwave propagation

Prof. Yeong-Cherng Liang (Dept. of Physics, NCKU)

Title:A device-independent approach for testing physical theories from finite data

Prof. Feng-Li Lin (Dept. of Physics, NTNU)

Title:Weak measurements and gravitational wave detection

Prof. Guin-Dar Lin (Dept. of Physics, NTU)

Title:Cooperative motion and cooling with superradiant and subradiant atoms

Prof. Shih-Yuin Lin (Dept. of Physics, NCUE)

Title:Casimir effect in a cavity of atom mirrors

Prof. Chee Wee Liu (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, NTU)

Title:High mobility of Si/Ge/GeSn and their new phase diagram

Prof. Yi-Wei Liu (Dept. of Physics, NTHU)

Title:Measuring the second order correlation function and the coherence time using random phase modulation

Prof. Zheng-Yao Su (National Center for High-performance Computing)

Title: High-school Math from Quantum Computing

Prof. Yu-Shu Wu (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, NTHU)

Title: Quantum state transfer between valley and photon qubits
Prof. Cen-Shawn Wu (Dept. of Physics, NCUE)

Title:Tuning of the Fano resonance through the double quantum dots under microwave irradiation

Prof. Atsushi Yabushita (Dept. of Electrophysics, NCTU)

Title:Entangle polarization of whole photon pairs generated in beam shape and in doughnuts shape
Prof. Wei-Min Zhang (Dept. of Physics, NCKU)

Title:Physical meaning of non-Markovianity


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