Cross-Disciplinary Science Forum






2nd Mini-Workshop on Physics of Nanomaterials takes place at National Center for Theoretical Sciences (South) on September 12. We invite both theoretical and experimental researchers in nanoscale physics, including graphene-related systems, mesoscopic materails, semiconductor devices , topological insulators, quantum transport, and quantum Hall effects. Through holding this workshop, we hope to enhance the communications among the participants and seek the opportunities of collaborations.


All colleagues, who wish to contribute a talk or suggest a speaker, are welcome and they can contact Prof. Ming-Fa Lin ( 林明發教授 , ), Dr. Chih-Wei Chiu ( 邱志偉博士 , ), Dr. Szu-Chao Chen ( 陳思超博士 , ), Dr. Jhao-Ying Wu ( 吳兆穎博士 , ), and Dr. Hsien-Ching Chung ( 鍾獻慶博士 , ) at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU).