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PLACE物理二館地下室 (49X04)


SPEAKER 廖文德 - Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems,Germany

TITLEFrom gravitational deflection to the storage of x-ray photons and beyond

ABSTRACTThe gravitational lensing is one of Einstein's fascinating predictions, which shows that the trajectory of massless photons can be affected by gravity on cosmological space-time scales. However, nowadays the reveal of this effect only relies on passive astronomical observations. The quest of "can we make the gravitational deflection of x-ray photons happen in a lab on the Earth?" will be discussed in the first part [1]. The second part turns into the application side of x-ray quantum optics. Forwarding optics and quantum information to shorter wavelengths in the x-ray region has the potential of shrinking computing elements in future photonic devices such as the quantum photonic circuit. In order to demonstrate the controllability of x-ray single photons, a scheme of coherent storage and phase modulation of x-ray single-photon wave packets is proposed [2]. In the last part I will introduce my on going projects in the field of x-ray quantum optics.
給大學部及研究所的同學們:歡迎各位同學一起來聽一聽我們在x-ray量子光學這個新興領域的研究成果。若你看過電影星際效應Interstellar,學過普通物理的重力,或知道狹義相對論的時間延遲效應,並對量子能階及Zeeman效應有概念,那你一定要到場聆聽如何在實驗室裡用x-ray散射量測重力效應 [1]。另外我也會聊聊在量子資訊的應用上,如何實現存取並控制x-ray單光子的波包 [2]。期待與你相會。
[1] W.-T. Liao et al., Nature Photonics, doi:10.1038/nphoton.2015.7 (2015).
[2] W.-T. Liao et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 197403 (2012).