NCTS (South)



PLACE物理二館 一樓會議室(49101)


SPEAKER Prof. Godfrey Gumbs - Department of Physics & Astronomy, Hunter College,The City Univerity of New York, USA

TITLEElectron Dynamics at Surfaces and Nanostructures

ABSTRACTNanotechnology deals with the direct control and manipulation of matter on atomic scale, in the range 1-100 nm. Quantum effects dominate the behavior of matter in this scale exhibiting new interesting properties. This results in the development of nanoscale materials, structures and devices that they can have a wide range of applications. I will present the latest parts of my research in the field: 1. Comprehensive study of the conditions needed to achieve stronger radiation due to plasmon instability from a Coulomb coupled double layers of two-dimensional electron gas systems formed at the interface of semiconductor heterostructures. This instability can lead to the emission of THz radiation. 2. Investigation of energy loss spectroscopy for charged particles moving in the vicinity of a single or double graphene layer. The dependence of the energy loss spectrum on graphene’s energy gap between the valence and conduction band is of particular interest. 3. Calculation of the effect of the boundary conditions in the conductance and thermoelectric power of nanowires with spin-orbit interaction.