NCTS (South)




FIELDLow-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures

SPEAKER Dr. Hsin Lin(林新) - Northeastern University, USA

TITLESearch for New Topological Insulators

ABSTRACTTopological insulators host a novel quantum phase of electrons which is characterized by topologically protected surface states originating from the effects of spin-orbit and time-reversal symmetries. Despite recent progress, intense world-wide research activity in search of new classes of topological insulators is continuing unabated. This interest is driven by the need for materials with greater structural flexibility and tunability to enable viable applications in spintronics and quantum computing. We have used first-principles band theory computations in combination with angle-resolved photoemission experiments to successfully predict many new classes of topologically interesting materials, including Bi2Se3 series, the ternary half-Heusler compounds, thallium-based chalcogenides, Li2AgSb-class, and Ge_nBi_{2m}Te_{3m+n} family. [1-3]

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