NCTS (South)




FIELDComputational Materials Research

SPEAKER Prof. Mo Li(李默) - School of Materials Science and Engieering, Georgia Institute of Technology

TITLEAtomistic Simulation of Deformation Process in Nano-crystalline Materials

ABSTRACTDeformation in nano-crystalline materials with large amount of grain boundaries present is focused. The central issues are (1) How to handle the microstructures, such as the grain boundaries, triple junctions, and vertex points; (2) What these microstructures contribute to deformation process; and (3) If there exists a general relation to link the mechanical response to the atomistic structure features. I will present our recent efforts in addressing these issues in this talk. I will show that grain size is just one of the factors influencing the mechanical response of the nanocrystalline materials. Other structural attributes such as grain boundary orientation, misorientation, and boundary thickness, all affect the outcome in significant way that have been largely ignored in the past.