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SPEAKER Dr. Chung-Lin Shan(單中林) - 成功大學物理系

TITLEAMIDAS: An Online Interactive Simulation/Data Analysis System

ABSTRACTCurrently, direct Dark Matter detection experiments searching for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) are one of the promising methods for understanding the nature of Dark Matter, identifying them among new particles produced at colliders, as well as reconstructing the (sub)structure of our Galactic halo. As part of the model–independent data analysis methods for reconstructing the velocity distribution function of halo WIMPs as well as for determining their mass and couplings on nucleons with direct detection experiments, the AMIDAS (A Model–Independent Data Analysis System) website has been established under the collaboration with the ILIAS Project (

AMIDAS has the ability to do full Monte Carlo simulations, faster theoretical estimations, as well as to analyze (real) data sets either generated by another event generating program separately or measured in direct detection experiments (hopefully in the near future) without modifying the source code. In this talk I will briefly review the model–independent data analysis methods for e.g. reconstructing the one–dimensional WIMP velocity distribution and determining their mass. I will also give some online demonstrations of the AMIDAS website and discuss about further (possible) projects.