NCTS (South)



PLACE理學教學新大樓物理系1F 36169會議室

FIELDQuantum Information Science

SPEAKER Prof. Ching-Hao Chang(張景皓) - 成功大學物理系

TITLEExotic solid new physics in artificial nanoarchitecture: theoretical understandings and experimental realizations

ABSTRACTWe have learned Hall effect in general physics and quantum well states of ribbon or tube in quantum physics in colleges. These fundamental physics, however, are all related to our recent studies, including: (1) higher-order Hall effect occurring in nanoarchitectures either with or without applied magnetic field, and (2) perfect transport properties in radial superlattice, like carbon nanoscrolls. This talk will address how to extend our fundamental understandings to explore and predict solid new physics in well-developed nanoarchitectures.