NCTS (South)



PLACE理學教學新大樓物理系3F 36369會議室

FIELDQuantum Information Science

SPEAKER Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu(褚志崧) - 國立清華大學物理學系

TITLEPurification of single and entangled photons by wavepacket shaping

ABSTRACTSingle photons and entangled photons lie at the heart of photonic quantum technologies, whose performances are optimal when the purity of the single or entangled photons is high. However, the multiphoton emission, dissipation, and decoherence in practical realizations can easily lead to the degradation of the single- and entangled- photon quality. The purification of single or entangled photons is thus valuable to restore the performance of quantum technologies. Recently, we demonstrated the single- and entangled- photon purification by temporally shaping the quantum wavepackets. As two examples, I will talk about how we purify the polarization-entangled photons from spontaneous parametric down-conversion as well as the single photons from the colloidal quantum dots.