NCTS (South)



PLACE理學教學新大樓物理系1F 36169會議室

FIELDQuantum Information Science

SPEAKER Prof. Yen-Hsiang Lin(林晏詳) - 清華大學物理學系

TITLEInterfacing Superconducting Artificial Atoms with Propagating Photons

ABSTRACTOne fundamental problem in quantum technology is how to interface highly-coherent qubits with photons. The common approach in superconducting artificial atom application is circuit quantum electrodynamics(cQED), which utilize a mediator degree of freedom in the form of a far-detuned cavity mode. In this talk, I will present a different “atomic clock” like approach which contains no extra cavity mode degree of freedom buffering the superconducting qubit from the readout environment. With a superconducting fluxonium artificial atom directly connected to a 1D transmission line, we simultaneously achieved a strong coupling of a high-frequency “cycling” readout transition to the traveling waves and a nearly complete suppression of the spontaneous emission of the low-frequency “clocking" qubit transition. Our system realizes the simplest possible interface between a highly-coherent superconducting qubit and propagating photons for constructing quantum communication networks and single photon detectors.