About Tainan

Geography and Population

Tainan City is located in the southwest of Taiwan , with a population of about 756,859 people. The area of the city is 175.645 km 2, which shares 0.49% of the area of all of Taiwan .


Tainan Past and Present

Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan. In 1661 when Cheng Cheng-kung (a.k.a. Koxinga) recovered Taiwan from the hands of the Dutch, he began his reign in Taiwan from Tainan City .

When the Qing Dynasty defeated the Chengs in 1684, It was the capital city of Taiwan. When the Qing Dynasty promoted Taiwan from a prefecture into a province in 1885, they also changed the name from Taiwan Prefecture into the Tainan Prefecture , and the name of Tainan has been used to represent the place since then. Therefore, with such rich background, we can see many historical monuments in Tainan City . It also explains why the city is known as the ancient cultural capital of Taiwan .

During the Japanese Colonization, the Japanese planted Royal Poinciana on both sides of Jhongshan Road and Fucian Road. The flame tree , also know as the phoenix tree in Taiwan, is the most common among street tree species in the city; therefore, Tainan is also known as the Phoenix City .


Time Zone




Taiwan enjoys warm weather all year round. The strongest fluctuations in weather conditions are during spring and winter, while during summer and autumn the weather is relatively stable. Taiwan is extremely suitable for traveling, as the annual average temperature is a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius with lowest temperatures ranging from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius (54-63 Fahrenheit). When summer is about to dismiss spring (March to May), continuously drizzling rain will sometimes fall on Taiwan . When visiting Taiwan during this period, remember to carry an umbrella at all times.

The summer (June to August) typhoons sometimes reach the island. During this period we suggest you keep an eye on weather reports, because during typhoon weather the roaring waves at the coast are not to be regarded as one of Taiwan 's tourist scenes. During autumn (September to October) you can wholeheartedly enjoy the cool and soothing weather, while Taiwan's relatively warm and short winter (November to February) is the time for you to admire the beautifully colored maple trees. The cold fronts that reach Taiwan sporadically are greatly favored by the island's hot spring lovers. In short, Taiwan , where it always seems to be spring, is your perfect travel destination!



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Zenda Suites

Address : No. 2, Dasyue Rd., East District, Tainan City 701,Taiwan

Tel. : 886-6-275-8999

Fax : 886-6-209-3567




Guang Hua Hotel

Address : Cheng Kung Campus, National Cheng Kung University

Tel. : 886-6-275-7575 ext.61900





Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan

Address : No. 89, West Section, Dasyue Rd., East District, Tainan City 701,Taiwan

Tel. : 886-6-702-8888

Fax : 886-6-702-7777

E-Mail : sltn@shangri-la.com



Hotel Tainan

Address : No. 1, Cheng Gong Rd., Tainan City 701, Taiwan

Tel. : 886-6-228-9101

Fax : 886-6-226-8502

E-mail: hotel-tainan@hotel-tainan.com.tw


Guang Hua Hotel

Address : No. 155, 1 Section, Beimen Rd., Tainan City 701, Taiwan

Tel. : 886-6-226-3171

Fax : 886-6-226-3175

E-mail: lindaq.chen@msa.hinet.net



Hotel Dynasty Tainan

Address:46 Cheng gong Road, Tainan, Taiwan R.O.C.



E-mail: tndynasty@aceland.com.tw



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Trave In Tainan

Free Shuttle Bus

I. Free shuttle bus on weekends—The Tainan City Tourism and Recreational Bus

The Tainan City Tourism and Recreational Bus includes 2 lines of service: Anping Line(line 88) and Taijiang Line(line 99). The service is offered on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays. These lines take visitors directly to shopping areas, parks, and the main spots of historic interests in Tainan City , including Confucius Temple Cultural Zone, Chihkang Cultural Zone, Minsheng Park Cultural Zone, Five Canals Harbor Cultural Zone, Anping Harbor Historical Park , and Taijiang Ecological & Cultural Zone. Thanks to the eBus mobile information system, visitors can know easily when the bus is arriving to each stop, and plans their visit schedule without difficulty. The bus is the most convenient transportation for tourists and visitors in Tainan City .


II. Bus Route

Anping Line (Line 88): A bus each 30 minutes.

Train Station a Coxinga Temple (Mingsheng Park Cultural Zone) a Cultural Center a Confucius Temple (Confucius Temple Cultural Zone) a Chihkang Tower (Chihkang Cultural Zone) a Shuehsien Temple (Five Canals Harbor Cultural Zone) a Municipal Center a Eternal Golden Castle a Ancient Anping Fortress (Anping Harbor Historical Park) a Anping Harbor Tourism Fish Market.

Departing from Bus South Stop in front of the Train Station: 08:30(first bus) ~ 18:00(last bus)

Departing from Anping Harbor Tourism Fish Market: 09:45(first bus) ~ 19:15(last bus)


Taijiang Line (Line 99) A bus per hour

Train station a Chihkang Tower (Chihkang Cultural Zone) a Shuehsien temple (Five Canals Cultural Zone) a Anping Fortress (Anping Harbor Historical Park) a Sihcao Bridge a Sihcao (Taijiang Ecological and Cultural Zone) a Salt Pans Ecological Village

Departing from Bus South Stop in front of the Train Station: 09:00(first bus) ~ 16:00(last bus)

Departing from Salt Pans Ecological Village: 10:00(first bus) ~ 17:00(last bus)


III. Ticket Fare

Weekends and National holidays: Free

Monday to Friday: Visitors can buy the Tainan City Tourist Passport, which includes ticket for the Tourism and Recreational Bus. With each ticket, visitor can have unlimited access for one person to the service of Tourism and Recreational Bus for a day.


IV. Others

- Tainan City E-BUS inquiry voicemail line: 06-2998484

- Tainan City E-BUS special website: http://ebus.tncg.gov.tw

- Tainan City Bus Service Line: 06-2219177 ( Tainan Office for Kaohsiung Bus Service )


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