Physics Division PI

Yan-Ten Lu
Duration: 2009/08/01~
Affiliation: Dept. of Physics., NCKU
Tel.: +886-6-2757575 ext. 65245
Fax: +886-6-2747995
Office: R49202, The  Second Physics Building , NCKU
Research Specialty : Solid State Theory, Computational Physics
Degree : Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, USA

2009/08-Present, Chairman of Division of Mathematics, South of National Center for Theoretical Sciences

2007/08 - Present, Chairman, Department of Physics, Nataional Cheng-Kung University

1991/08-2001, Associate Professor , Department of Physics, National Cheng-Kung University

1989/09-1991/09, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California,Santa Barbara, UCSB


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