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PLACE物理二館 一樓會議室(49101)


SPEAKER Dr. Jun Yonggun - Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego,USA

TITLECollective Motion of Kinesins and Their Regulation

ABSTRACTIntracellular cargos are transported along microtubules by molecular motors: kinesin and dynein. Dysfunction of motor-based transport is linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Huntington's. Single molecular behavior of motors in vitro has been well studied, whereas understanding their collective behaviors in vivo is still challenging. To investigate how they work together inside cells, I constructed an in-cell force microscope using an optical trap, based on momentum change method, which allow me to probe molecular motor’s force production inside HEK293 cells. This measurement reveals that multiple motors are engaged in long-distance intracellular transport. I also studied how long distance cargo transport is regulated by CK2 and found that CK2 reactivates inactivated kinesin family. I further tested the effect of CK2 on activity of Eg5, which is engaged in cell division and thus becomes a target for cancer drugs. CK2 reverses Eg5 activity even when Eg5 is inactivated by an Eg5 inhibitor which is currently in development for cancer therapy.