NCTS (South)



PLACER49223, Second Physics Building , NCKU

FIELDQuantum Information Science

SPEAKER Prof. Yuan-Chung Cheng - Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University

TITLETheory for Coherent Excitation Energy Transfer in Molecular Aggregates

ABSTRACTMotivated by recent experimental and theoretical investigations into energy transfer in organic light-harvesting materials and natural photosynthetic systems, we have extended the modified Redfield theory to develop a unified approach for spectroscopy and quantum dynamics of molecular excitonic systems. The theoretical method has been applied to simulate coherent excitation energy transfer processes in several model photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes, and the dynamics predicted by the new method are shown to be in good agreement with recent experiments. More importantly, the results allowed us to identify several key quantum mechanical elements that play important roles in the speedup of energy trapping in photosynthesis. Furthermore, we have also applied the new approach to describe the spectrum and ultrafast energy transfer dynamics of an organic copolymer system. The new method proved to be an efficient and reliable approach for describing coherent energy transfer dynamics that is expected to have a broad applicability.