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SPEAKER Prof. Jianping Lu - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Curriculum in Applied Science and Engineering, Biomedical Research Imaging Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

TITLENanotechnology X-Ray For Medical Imaging And Radiotherapy

ABSTRACTIn this talk I will give an introductory review of carbon nanotubes based field emission x-ray (CNT X-ray) technology and its application in medical imaging and radiotherapy. CNT x-ray utilizes the excellent field emission properties of CNT for electron source in x-ray tube. This enables a new generation of pulse x-ray sources which have superior temporal properties and can generate multi x-ray beams from 1-D or 2-D spatial distributed focus points.[1-4] The application of CNT x-ray includes dynamical micro-CT scanner for small animal imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution,[5-7]; stationary digital breast tomosynthesis scanner for better detection and diagnostic of breast cancer [8,9]; and table top microbeam radiotherapy system for brain cancer.


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