Mission and Workplan:

The primary purpose of this program is to enhance the domestic research capacity in the computational material science based on the first-principles quantum mechanical methods through promoting interactions and collaborations among local members as well as between local members and international noted scholars, and also through attracting outstanding young researchers into this field.

The CMR focus group presently consists of around 20 active faculty members, and around 10 postdoctor members. According to the interests and the existing expertise of the members, we have identified three frontiers to focus on, i.e. calculations of the electronic excited states (ExcS), quantum Monte Carlo methods (QMC), and quantum transport (QT). Study-group meetings initiated by the members involved in these three topics become one of the main backbone activities in promoting collaborations among members as well as stimulating new ideas and in-depth discussions.

In order to train the young generation members, the Ph.D. students, postdoctors and the junior faculty members are encouraged to attend international conferences, workshops and schools. The provided fund of this year was found insufficient. As the corresponding experience is important for the junior researchers to broaden their research scope, to interact with international peers and noted scholars for inspired ideas, etc., we urge for a higher proportion of grant on this category for young researchers in the coming year.

The focus group is run by a committee whose members consists of three coordinators in charge of the activities related to the three frontiers, i.e. HC Hsueh (TKU) for ExcS, CM Chang (NDHU) for QMC and CC Kaun (AS) for QT, and another six senior members as listed under the headline. The missions of the committee are to allocate the budget, to initiate research activities, to invite the long-term and short-term visitors and to recommend candidates (Ph.D. student or junior scientist) or review applications for attending international school, conference, or workshop using the financial support of CMRFG.




Committee members of focus group:

Name Affiliation E-mail
Chun-Ming Chang Nat'l Dong Hwa Univ.
Ching Cheng (Coordinator) Nat'l Cheng Kung Univ.
Feng-Chuan Chuang Nat'l Sun Yat Sen Univ.
Yu-Chang Chen Nat'l Chiao Tung Univ.
Hung-Chung Hsueh Tamkang University
Michitoshi Hayashi Nat'l Taiwan Univ.
Chao-Cheng Kaun Academia Sinica
Tsan-Chuen Leung Nat'l Chung Cheng Univ.
Chih-Kai Yang Nat'l Chengchi Univ.
Ching-Ming Wei Academia Sinica


Member of focus group