Work plan:

I. Work plan of QIS focus group for the year 2007

The main mission of the QIS focus group is to build a platform of communication for Taiwan researchers in this area. We have established associations and cooperation other researchers all over Taiwan in the last two years; and having been seeking to establish links and exchanges other QIS researchers and activities worldwide. Many local researchers are already working on areas bordering on QIS, both theoretically and experimentally. We believe this national program will be joined by many other local researchers in the near future. With strong support and encouragement; with the appropriate alignment of theoretical and experimental personnel, by learning from others, by exchanging scholars and information with other institutions; and last but not least - by closely integrating QIS research with Taiwan’s commitment, we will be able to ramp up quickly to realize Taiwan’s potential in QIS, and to compete on equal footing with other nations in this exciting frontier.

In the year of 2006, the focus group has focused on the problem of quantum decoherence in quantum information processing, the most difficult but also most important subject in the study of QIS. We have a winter school and a summer school on quantum decoherence, which have initiated and enhanced the research on this topic in Taiwan. We will continue to enhance the research and the international cooperation on this subjects in the year of 2007.

With the 2nd winter school which will be held in Jan 5-8, 2007, we hope to initiate new research topics on QIS, such as solid-state quantum computing, photon entanglement and its application to quantum cryptography, and quantum algorithms and quantum error-correction etc. We will have the 2nd international workshop on solid-state quantum computing which will be help in NCKU in Oct or Nov of 2007. We also plan to have a few mini-workshops QIS-related topics.

We will also continue the weekly regular QIS seminars on QIS in the year 2007, which is certainly very helpful for keeping local researchers and students about the new development on QIS, and providing the platform of communication for local and international researchers.



Committee member of focused group:

Hsi-Sheng Goan (coordinator ) National Taiwan Univ .
Yueh-Nan Chen (coordinator ) National Cheng Kung Univ.
Wei-Min Zhang National Cheng Kung Univ.
Pochung Chen National Tsing Hua Univ .
Chi- Yee Cheung Academia Sinica
Chung-Hsien Chou National Cheng Kung Univ.
Li-Yi Hsu Chung Yuan Christian Univ.
Chopin Soo National Cheng Kung Univ.
Yia-Chung Chang Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica
Alec Maassen van den Brink Research Center for the Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica
Zheng-Yao Su National Center for High-Performance Computing