This proposal is based on NCTS (South)

The aims of this study:

1.To find out the electronic structures of the self-assembled-monolayer (SAM) of various biomolecules with and without an applied electric field.

2.To understand the effect of different functional groups on the dipole moment of SAM.

3.To elucidate the electronic structure, in particular the charge transfer, at the SAM/ferroelectrics interfaces and the influence of SAM on the dielectric property.

4.To understand the two-dimensional melting of smectic liquid crystals.


Participants & Members of focused group:

Principal Investigator:

M. -H. Tsai (蔡民雄) (National Sun Yat-Sen University)



I. M. Jiang (姜一民) (National SunYat-Sen University)

Y. H. Tang (唐毓慧) (National SunYat-Sen University)

C. C. Chang (張純志) (National Kaohsiung Normal University)